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  • Gary Willis & Tribal Tech: Speak

    Today’s featured vid showcases the only and only Gary Willis doing his thing in a live performance with Tribal Tech. »

  • Miles Mosley: Shine

    Miles Mosley: Shine

    Since Miles Mosley hit our radar with his Voodoo Child performance, we’ve been listening and watching to everything we can find. His live performance of “Shine” is really impressive: Now we hope there’s a chance for these video performances to be released as high quality audio. The studio stuff is great too. »

  • Jaco Pastorius Community Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    Jaco Pastorius Community Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    As we reported earlier, the new Jaco Pastorius Community Center opened on March 5, 2009. Here’s a video of the event, with some photo slideshow at the end: Kudos to the people of Oakland Park. »

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  • A Lesson in Double Thumppppp

    A Lesson in Double Thumppppp

    Our favorite bass teacher, MarloweDK is at it again, with a fresh batch of bass lessons. Here’s today’s featured video, Lesson #152: Doublethumppppp! in G: Want more MarloweDK? Check out his Youtube channel. »

  • Les Claypool: Tommy the Cat (and a Bonus)

    Les Claypool: Tommy the Cat (and a Bonus)

    There’s so much going on in this video, we don’t know where to begin. Better if you just watch Les Claypool do his thing: And, just because it is Friday, here’s another one (complete with a “YYZ” intro): »

  • Juan Nelson Solo on Ben Harper’s “Steal My Kisses”

    Juan Nelson Solo on Ben Harper’s “Steal My Kisses”

    Juan Nelson does it all in this performance, holding down a sweet groove, singing backup and a scat singing/bass playing solo. This video is from a Ben Harper concert at the Hollywood Bowl in 2003. »

  • Miles Mosley: Voodoo Child

    Miles Mosley: Voodoo Child

    It is fitting Miles Mosley chose to cover Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”, since he’s doing a Hendrix-like re-invention of his instrument of choice: the upright bass. After all, it isn’t often you get an upright with wah wah, and distortion all at once. Enjoy: »

  • Larry Graham: Funk Original

    Larry Graham: Funk Original

    The original slap bassist Larry Graham shows how it is done in today’s featured video. Once you get the slapping part down, you can add the vocals. Woooo. I like that. »

  • Marcus Miller’s “Frankenstein” Groove

    Marcus Miller’s “Frankenstein” Groove

    This is a favorite among the notreble team. Marcus Miller and company take Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein” and really groove. The band includes Miller, Keith Anderson, Poogie Bell, Dean Brown, Bobby Sparks and Patches Stewart and was filmed during the 2005 Tokyo Jazz concert. »

  • Yowee. Hot Tuna: Uncle Sam Blues

    Yowee. Hot Tuna: Uncle Sam Blues

    Our friend Will sent us this video, from a 1971 Hot Tuna performance including the “devil devil devil of a man”, bassist Jack Casady. Enjoy “Uncle Sam Blues”: »