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  • Evan Marien: The One Who Bares Fangs At God

    Evan Marien: The One Who Bares Fangs At God

    Evan Marien has released a new video for his performance of “The One Who Bares Fangs At God,” a song composed by Yasunori Mitsuda for the Xenogears game soundtrack. The performance features Julian Pollack on synths, Isamu McGregor on piano, and Devin Collins on drums, all contributing to a rich texture of sound and rhythms.... »

  • Rush: La Villa Strangiato Live at Pinkpop Festival 1979

    Rush: La Villa Strangiato Live at Pinkpop Festival 1979

    Our friend Tim Fletcher shared this on our Facebook group of Rush performing “La Villa Strangiato” live at the Pinkpop Festival 1979. “The audio is much better than previously [released],” Tim shared. We agree. Epicness. And Geddy Lee’s tone! »

  • HAVOK: Intention To Deceive

    HAVOK: Intention To Deceive

    Nick Schendzielos is one of my favorite metal players. His innovative style never fails to get me headbanging. A great example of that is this video from his band Havok for the song “Intention to Deceive”. The bassist rips it up, alternating between laying on the groove and adding tasty fills. Havok will be on... »

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  • New York Gypsy All Stars: Cloud Nine

    New York Gypsy All Stars: Cloud Nine

    I love genre-bending music, and the New York Gypsy All Stars are kings of blending styles from around the world. It also helps that Panagiotis Andreou is a monster bass player. Besides an unshakeable groove, Andreou has a way of finding some of the nastiest effects to propel a song. Here’s a live clip of... »

  • Forq: Taizo

    Forq: Taizo

    Forq’s new album, Thrēq, is coming next month, and the band has just released this single. “Taizo” features one epic intro by Michael League, and some killer playing throughout. We can’t wait for the album to drop! »

  • Ariane Cap: Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot

    Ariane Cap: Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot

    We’re lucky at No Treble to have some extremely talented contributors. Talking Technique’s Ariane Cap sent us this new all bass arrangement of Sting’s “Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot”, and it’s gorgeous. Ariane lays down the bass, harmony, and melody with a beautiful tone and feel. “I made it for a dear friend who... »

  • Beck: Debra, Live (1999)

    Beck: Debra, Live (1999)

    I got the chance to see Baby Driver last weekend, which was an excellent movie with an even better soundtrack. (And hey, Flea was one of the actors!) Without giving away any spoilers, Beck’s song “Debra” was featured, which reminded me of just how great the bass line is on this groovy tune. In this... »

  • Tool: The Pot, Live (2017)

    Tool: The Pot, Live (2017)

    Like just about everyone else on the planet, I’m eagerly anticipating the new Tool album. Luckily there are plenty of great live videos coming out to keep me going. Here’s a clip of the band playing “The Pot” on June 7th, 2017 in Clarkson, Michigan. It was their first time playing the song live in... »

  • Dispatch: Only the Wild Ones

    Dispatch: Only the Wild Ones

    WFUV is a constant source of great music for me. In this video, Dispatch performs “Only the Wild Ones” in WFUV’s studio. Dispatch bassist/guitarist Pete Francis Heimbold is taking time off, so Matthew Embree is filling in here, and for the band’s tour in 2017. »

  • Marco Pistone: Joe Frazier Playthrough

    Marco Pistone: Joe Frazier Playthrough

    Jeff Berlin posted an update on Facebook yesterday announcing that he’s working on a new recording of his tune, “Joe Frazier.” That made me think back to the 80’s when Jeff’s album Pump It! was on my turntable quite often. That tune, in particular, got a lot of attention. And so I went on the... »