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  • Paul Simon: Wristband

    Paul Simon: Wristband

    Paul Simon shocked the world on February 5th when he released a statement that he’s retiring from touring. That led me to watch a ton of his videos, including this clip for his recent song “Wristband.” Simon is joined by longtime collaborator Bakithi Kumalo, who many know for his incredible bass lines on the Graceland... »

  • Olivier Babaz: Boplicity

    Olivier Babaz: Boplicity

    Many know Olivier Babaz for playing kalimba at the same time as bass, but he’s also incredible at jazz bowing. Here’s a great clip of him performing “Boplicity.” “It’s a follow up of [my] Swing feel & Baroque bow grip series with a classic Miles Davis & Gil Evans composition,” he writes. »

  • Mark Morton: Eleanor Rigby

    Mark Morton: Eleanor Rigby

    Bassist Mark Morton has put together quite an impressive all-bass (and vocals) arrangement of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.” Using multiple bass and vocal tracks, Mark handles it all. »

  • Armin Metz: Back In The Jungle

    Armin Metz: Back In The Jungle

    Armin Metz is back with another incredible solo bass video for his song “Back in the Jungle.” Filmed at night in the forest, the track has a hypnotic flow. The song is an incredible feat in itself, but it’s even more impressive that he can perform it as he walks the path at night. »

  • Victor Wooten: NAMM 2018 Performance and Lesson

    Victor Wooten: NAMM 2018 Performance and Lesson

    Victor Wooten’s appearances at the NAMM Show are always special. This year he gave a performance and talk at the Reverb booth. Starting with an awesome solo piece, Wooten talks about his summer camp before diving into music theory in a relatable way. He’s then joined by saxophonist Bob Franceschini for a pair of tunes. »

  • John Mayer Trio: Good Love Is On The Way (Live)

    John Mayer Trio: Good Love Is On The Way (Live)

    We’re huge fans of the John Mayer Trio, thanks in large part to the versatile Pino Palladino. Here’s an excellent clip of the band performing “Good Love Is On The Way” back in 2007. Pino is laying it down and throwing in the tastiest fills along the way. »

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  • Kauppinen-Oksanen-Lähdesmäki: Cereal Killer Clown

    Kauppinen-Oksanen-Lähdesmäki: Cereal Killer Clown

    No Treble reader Ari-Pekka Kauppinen sent us this video of his new trio saying, “Our music is a blend of old school fusion with modern influences. Our band is all about fearless improvisation while having fun playing together and I think this video captures that attitude and joy nicely.” We’re digging this! »

  • Zander Zon: Zombie

    Zander Zon: Zombie

    Zander Zon has a new tribute, featuring a new device he’s added to the mix. “The Cranberries are such a memorable band from my teenage years and, strangely, I had been listening to this song for a couple weeks before the sad news broke that their lead singer, Dolores O’Riordan, had passed away unexpectedly,” he... »

  • Federico Malaman & Marcus Miller: NAMM Jam

    Federico Malaman & Marcus Miller: NAMM Jam

    During the 2018 NAMM Show, Federico Malaman and Marcus Miller got together for a spontaneous jam at a Markbass event showcasing Marcus’s signature amp. Federico said, “For me, it was PURE JOY!!!” »

  • Bart Soeters: Bass Sounds II

    Bart Soeters: Bass Sounds II

    Back in 2013, bassist Bart Soeters sent us an awesome clip of himself demoing 19 basses. Now he’s released “Bass Sounds II”, which has him jamming out on a whopping 34 basses. The video ranges in styles to showcase the strengths of each instrument, which range from vintage axes to modern works of art. Joris... »