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Live Earth’s “Bass Off”: Big Bottom
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Live Earth’s “Bass Off”: Big Bottom

Legendary spoof band Spinal Tap reunited for Live Earth‘s SOS event on July 7th at Wembley Stadium. Wouldn’t you know it, the show’s highlight was “Big Bottom”, featuring “every bass player in the known universe”. Yeah, bass saves the day. Check it out:


Basslines for July 3rd

Must be the year for bass players to go on tour with their famous fathers. The latest buzz is about a Van Halen tour happening in September, with 16-year-old Wolfgang Van Halen “laying down the law”. An all-new, all-bass internet radio show has just hit the virtual airwaves. Bass Talk with Abe & Lane, a show with “more bass than...


Jaco Pastorius honored at Syracuse Jazz Fest

Jaco Pastorius was this year’s Syracuse Jazz Festival dedicatee, and the focus of a panel moderated by noted biographer and jazz author/journalist Bill Milkowski. The Jaco Pastorius Big Band, conducted by Peter Graves and featuring Jeff Carswell and Will Lee on bass, and Hiram Bullock on guitar, performed at the event.

New Albums, Player News

Michael Manring, Percy Jones on new release

Drummer Vic Stevens has released his latest CD, “If People Could Talk“, featuring Michael Manring and Percy Jones on bass. Stevens and Manring perform together in the fusion trio McGill/Manring/Stevens.