Velvet Revolver singer search update and other “surprises” from Duff McKagan

Since Velvet Revolver split with Scott Weiland last April, finding a replacement has proved more difficult than expected.

Bassist Duff McKagan has kept the media up-to-speed on the audition process over the last eight months, and here’s his latest report to “Pulse Of Radio”:

“In the last, I would say, about eight weeks, we got three guys in that were all really good – like, far and above, more fitting than the rest,” he said. “We’re headed in a very positive direction, and you might be hearing something soon.”

McKagan has been putting his downtime with the band to good use by writing for Seattle Weekly. In a recent column, McKagan shared his affinity for women’s clothing during his Guns N’ Roses days, and rounded out the revelation with a visual. “My Seattle Seahawks (Sea Gals) cheerleader lingerie had usually been my ‘go to’ undergarment to make myself feel good and surprise a lucky girl if the night went that far.” Surprise, indeed.


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