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  • Online Music: Jamendo

    Are you seeking a new way to get your music to fans or searching for new sources of online music? Jamendo may be exactly what you need. Jamendo is an online platform for free and legal music downloads. It offers the largest collection of music under Creative Commons licenses (a licensing model allowing artists to... »

  • Sean Andrews: Strawberry Fields bass arrangement

    Here’s a nice one from the archives: bassist Sean Andrews‘s all-bass arrangement of the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields. Sean dedicated the arrangement to Mike Portnoy, saying “thanks for having us open for you on the Systematic Chaos tour!” Check out Sean’s Myspace page, indica trichome project [bass instrumentals]. »

  • Gear Watch: JamHub

    How many times have you had a volume war during practice? Ever wish you could control the levels for each instrument? JamHub, “the silent rehearsal studio,” looks to give you that control. JamHub made it’s first appearance at this year’s Summer NAMM and is getting a lot of attention for good reason. Steve Skillings, JamHub... »

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  • Superstition: All bass cover

    Bassist Sebastiano Mereu (aka monsterbazz on Youtube) sent us this video featuring alekszmusic performing a remote collaboration of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition with him. Sebastiano shares: “After Aleks saw my Higher Ground cover, she told me that she is a huge Steve Wonder fan, and I took the initiative to ask her for a remote collab.... »

  • Mike Dirnt footwear

    Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt has broken into fashion. He has been working with Macbeth footwear to design a shoe, the 45 RPM. The 45 RPM is completed vegan, all of the materials used in its creation are free of animal products. Dirnt is donating all royalties from sales to shoe charity Soles4Souls, the international... »