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Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Anthology Straps & Gig Bags

Anthology Gear Wear is releasing a new line of individualized leather straps and gig bags. The straps and bags are made with full grain leather, which will continue to improve with use as they form to each body and each instrument. The bottom layer is made of a soft full grain leather with extra padding at the shoulder for added...

Player News

Damian Erskine offering private video lessons

Bassist Damian Erskine (a No Treble contributor and Learn the Low End professor) is now offering private and personalized video lessons. Damian is using this as an opportunity to both help players and create an addendum to his instructional book, as well as connecting with bassists around the world (hey, we especially love that last part!) Details: Send Damian an...

Bass Lessons

Lesson: Pulse and Escaping from Meter

As bassists we have unique musical responsibilities in an ensemble whether it’s a symphony, jazz jam or rock group. We’re the foundation – the pulse. There is a pitfall that we must be careful to avoid and it’s ingrained in us through a lot of standard music education: we are bound by meter and notation. If you had to could...

Bass Videos

Lester Cole and his Ken Smith: Cool Jazz

This is Lester Cole from Cancun, Mexico, playing some cool jazz on his gorgeous Ken Smith bass, improvising over backing tracks in E min7 and having fun: Check him out on Youtube and Myspace.

Flea Joining Thom Yorke for Live Performances
Concerts & Tours, News

Flea Joining Thom Yorke for Live Performances

Flea will be teaming up with Thom Yorke on October 4th and 5th at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. “In the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting a band together for fun to play the Eraser stuff live and the new songs etc… to see if it could work!” Yorke said, via Radiohead’s Dead-Air-Space blog. “We don’t really...