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  • Building Dexterity on the Bass

    Building Dexterity on the Bass

    While it is always important to have a strong theoretical backing and intellectual depth to your music there are times where you just need to focus on your chops. You can have the coolest idea ever, but if you don’t have the dexterity and agility to move freely and quickly around the fingerboard you won’t... »

  • Gustaf Fjelstrom: Live looping bass cello performance

    We can’t get enough of the looper videos around here. This one is particularly interesting, featuring Gustaf Fjelstrom and his bass cello. This performance took place on April 10, 2009 a house concert in Capitola, CA. »

  • Ron McGovney Auctioning Bass

    Ron McGovney, the former bassist for Metallica, is auctioning his bass on eBay. Bids will be open until November, 6th at 7:03pm Pacific Standard Time. The bass is a Fender Precision, purchased in 1985 and used in his post-Metallica band Phantasm. McGovney wrote, “This is an awesome bass and it does have a lot of... »

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  • Gear Watch: Ansir Basses

    Everyone has their own personal method to holding the bass guitar. Some people prefer a more extreme angle, others only use a slight tilt and still others flip it completely around. Ansir Music, a small start up company, is now creating fully customized basses to fit that perfect playing angle. They have a patented measuring... »

  • Ask Damian Erskine: Learning and transcribing

    Q: I was listening to one of your YouTube videos and thought I heard similar lines that I’ve heard Jaco play (like a run in “Havona”). Regardless, I would like to tackle some of these parts. Do you just have a great ear or did you start out with charts to learn such fast lines?... »

  • Analysis Plus Cables signs Joseph Patrick Moore as endorsee

    Our good friend Joseph Patrick Moore has just signed an endorsement deal with Analysis-Plus Cables, and shares this demo video with us. (check out the cool t-shirt!) »

  • Freddie Washington tour update and free download

    You may remember when we posted about bassist Freddie Washington releasing In the Moment. You can now download the track “When You Get Right Down To It” for free. Washington is currently on tour with Steely Dan, you can catch him with the band at the following venues: Nov 7 – Merrillville, IN – Star... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Derrick Lee Murdock

    Reader Spotlight: Derrick Lee Murdock

    Meet Derrick Lee Murdock, our player in the spotlight for November 3, 2009. Bio: Derrick Lee Murdock (aka DOCK) A Native of Philadelphia began playing the Bass at the age of seventeen. While most musicians consider this a late start, Derrick was able to overcome this by intensive practice and study of his favorite bassist.... »

  • A review Donovan Stokes’s “Gadaha”

    Many things come to mind with the upright bass. I guarantee that Donovan Stokes will prove to you that this instrument is more than what you think it is. Gadaha is an acoustic solo bass album – and it’s awesome. That’s right young travelers, there is an acoustic no-overdub upright bass album that that will... »

  • Trip Wamsley: Huevos Con Dios

    Check out Trip Wamsley and his extended range bass, in this live performance of “Huevos Con Dios”. The tune is also on Trip’s CD, Curve. »