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  • Math and Music: Intervals

    Math and Music: Intervals

    Every musician should have an idea of the foundational concepts that allow us to create music. This lesson series will explore the basis for tonal structure in Western music. I’ll warn you right now, this lesson is not for the faint of heart, or math-phobic. The purpose of this is to add to the conceptual... »

  • John McLaughlin & Jonas Hellborg: Pacific Express

    John McLaughlin & Jonas Hellborg: Pacific Express

    Here’s some great footage of John McLaughlin and Jonas Hellborg (and his double-neck Wal), performing live at Fabric Club in Hamburg in 1987. Things get cooking around the 2 minute mark. »

  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club basses stolen

    The rockers in Black Rebel Motorcycle Club posted a message on their web site seeking help in tracking down some stolen gear, including a 1968 Ampeg Scrolltop fretless bass and a 1964 Black Fender Precision. The gear, which belonged to bassist/singer Robert Levon Been’s father, was taken out of band’s personal storage locker. Also taken... »

  • Larry Graham and Graham Central Station to tour once again

    Larry Graham is back! The original bassist for Sly & The Family Stone and pioneer of the slap-thumb method of bass playing is taking his group, Graham Central Station, back on the road. Graham Central Station was formed in 1973 and performed together until 1979. Graham re-formed Graham Central Station after Sly and the Family... »

  • Ask Damian Erskine: Good Practice?

    Q: What is considered a “good” practice session?? Say, if I take an hour to practice, what should I be working on… doing warm-ups, running through set lists of songs I know, learning new material, listening and trying to imitate players I like, etc. Just trying to be as productive as possible with my time.... »

  • Bruno Masquio: So far…

    Today’s featured video showcases Brazilian bassist Bruno Masquio, playing along to a recording of his original composition, “So Far…” Bruno is currently working on his solo CD. Check out more from Bruno on his MySpace page and his band page. »

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  • Gear Watch: Schecter Raiden Special and Elite basses

    Schecter has announced the new Raiden Special and Raiden Elite basses, geared towards the “feature driven, price conscious player.” Both basses feature 34” scale and 6-bolt necks. The Raiden Special has a body of basswood with a quilted maple top and a 24 X Jumbo fret Rosewood board with a maple neck. The Special also... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Lizz Chisholm (aka Double-Z)

    Reader Spotlight: Lizz Chisholm (aka Double-Z)

    Meet Lizz Chisholm, better known as Double-Z. Double-Z is not only our bassist in the spotlight for the week of February 2nd, 2010, she’s also listed as one of Marcus Miller‘s influences. Bio: I’ve been a world class bass player, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist for 40 years now. I’m the 1st hip-hop bass player, from touring... »

  • A review of William Parker and Giorgio Dini’s “Temporary”

    A top notch free jazz record featuring two improvising masters, Temporary is a great example of state of the art freely improvised upright bass. Both William Parker and Giorgio Dini play expressively and passionately and both are wonderfully skilled in the use of the bow. The record consists of five free improvisations that demonstrate Parker... »

  • Xiaohe Shi: solo bass (F Bass)

    Today’s video features bassist Xiaohe Shi performing a solo piece on his F Bass. Xiaohe was born in 1980 in Beijing, and is now living in Germany. He started playing bass in 1995. Check out more from Xiaohe on his MySpace page. »