The Innkeeper’s Gun: John Goldsby with Jacob Duncan and Jason Tiemann

John Goldsby: The Innkeepers GunBassist John Goldsby has announced his latest album, The Innkeeper’s Gun, will be releasing June 1, 2010. The album was recorded in the middle of Goldsby’s 2009 European tour with drummer Jason Tiemann and alto saxophonist Jacob Duncan and features jazz originals by Goldsby and Duncan, plus a cover of the hit pop tune “Paparazzi” from Lady Gaga.

“We were on tour in November, 2009 throughout Germany. When we recorded the CD, we had been on the road for a week, and the trio was very loose and free with the material,” shares Goldsby. “I think it accurately captures the sound and direction of the trio. The first CD with Jason Tiemann and Jacob Duncan was a live CD (Live at the Nachbar). I think The Innkeeper’s Gun gets some of that live-jazz vibe that makes for some of the best recordings. Probably because we had been playing so many gigs, the music on this recording just flowed out. We didn’t do many takes, and I think you can hear the spirit of our music.”

Goldsby, Duncan and Tiemann are playing concerts in the midwest in summer 2010, and planning their next European tour for February, 2011.

The Innkeeper’s Gun Track List:

1. Jim Henson (Duncan)
2. Ligeti Split (Duncan)
3. Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)
4. More Than Something (Goldsby)
5. The Innkeeper’s Gun (Duncan)
6. Never Come Back To Me 6:08 (Goldsby) 7. Neda 8:38 (Duncan) 8. Juan in the Basement 5:46 (Goldsby)

John Goldsby (Double Bass)
Jacob Duncan (Alto Saxophone)
Jason Tiemann (Drums).

For more, check out Goldsby’s web site.

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