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  • Lesson: Minor Tetrachord Patterns

    Lesson: Minor Tetrachord Patterns

    In the last tetrachord lesson we went over the concept of tetrachords and how they change the way we think about scale patterns. In that lesson the focus was the major modes and a question was posted asking about the melodic minor and harmonic minor modes. Therefore this week’s article will go over tetrachords in... »

  • Cheikh Ndoye: Blue in Green Bass Solo

    Cheikh Ndoye: Blue in Green Bass Solo

    Senegalese native Cheikh Ndoye is one to watch out for in the future. This is him soloing over Miles Davis’ “Blue in Green”. »

  • Duff McKagan Officially Working with Jane’s Addiction

    Rumors of Duff McKagan’s involvement with Jane’s Addiction have finally been confirmed by guitarist Dave Navarro through his Twitter account. Navarro posted a picture of the band rehearsing with Duff on bass, with the caption, “Another day of writing and creating in the studio with Jane’s Addiction!” Rumors spread that Duff would be joining Jane’s... »