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  • Ampeg Introduces BA-108 and BA-110 Combo Amps

    Ampeg Introduces BA-108 and BA-110 Combo Amps

    Ampeg is expanding their Bassamp combo series with the introduction of two smaller practice amps, the BA-108 and the BA-110. Designed as miniature versions of their siblings, the new combos have similar features, including a tilt-back design and a ported baffle for low frequency extension. Both models have a 3-band EQ, MP3/CD input with a... »

  • Custom Shop: Wyn Guitars

    Custom Shop: Wyn Guitars

    Wyn Guitars is a one-man custom bass shop run by Randy Fullmer, a man with a healthy obsession for exotic woods. An artist at heart, Fullmer got his his start as a luthier at an early age before becoming an animator and producer for Disney. He eventually returned to building instruments, switching to exclusively making... »

  • George Lacson: Thump ‘N Pluck Solo Bass Blues

    George Lacson: Thump ‘N Pluck Solo Bass Blues

    George Lacson shared a video with us, featuring him responding to a rainy evening in San Francisco with some solo blues bass. Or as George says, “sometimes you gotta thump n pluck your blues away…” »

  • Jonathan Miller Leaves DevilDriver

    Jonathan Miller Leaves DevilDriver

    Bassist Jonathan Miller has left DevilDriver, according to a statement by the band. He reportedly left the tour to enter rehab in January, and has now made the leave official. “I just wanted to thank all of the DevilDriver fans around the world for their die-hard love and support for the past nine years. Yesterday,... »

  • Pigtronix Introduces Tremvelope

    Pigtronix Introduces Tremvelope

    Pigtronix has released the Tremvelope, an effects pedal that combines a tremolo pedal with a filter to allow you to control the effects with the dynamics of your playing. With the envelope switch off, the pedal acts as an optical tremolo featuring stereo panning outputs, sine and sawtooth waveforms, and speed and depth controls. There... »

  • Long Term Practice Routines

    Long Term Practice Routines

    Q: I have a question about long-term pratice routines. There are a lot scale/arpeggio exercises out there, but I want to know: what do you is the best method to really cover all types of scales/chord in all keys all around the instrument? Is it good to do an exercise in all keys an then... »

  • Adam Ben Ezra: Tumbada – Singing With My Bass

    Adam Ben Ezra: Tumbada – Singing With My Bass

    Any time a new Adam Ben Ezra video hits, I’m all ears. And Adam never disappoints. Check out this nice fretless work (and singing) from Adam, on his original tune “Tumbada”. »

  • Reader Spotlight: Dan Nelson

    Reader Spotlight: Dan Nelson

    Meet Dan Nelson, an 18 year old bassist from Wales and our player in the spotlight for March 29, 2011. Bio: I started out on guitar for around six months before a friend showed me a old SG bass copy. From then on, I’ve been hooked on bass. About three years ago I started to... »

  • FEA Labs Releases Photon Fuzz Pedal

    FEA Labs Releases Photon Fuzz Pedal

    FEA Labs has just announced the Photon Fuzz, a dual band distortion pedal named after a circuit component in the unit that uses infrared light to control the fuzz distortion. The unit’s drive and bite controls work on both guitar and bass signals to define the fuzz tone’s character. Drive sets the overall gain, and... »

  • Teen Town: BassGirl’s Jaco Pastorius Bass Cover

    Teen Town: BassGirl’s Jaco Pastorius Bass Cover

    BassGirl is back! After wowing everyone with her transcription and performance of Tal Wilkenfeld’s lines on Jeff Beck’s “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers“, BassGirl has taken on the monster of a tune, Jaco Pastorius’s “Teen Town”. “My humble tribute to one of the most amazing bass players ever,” the bassist said, as well as announcing... »