Paul Young with Pino Palladino: I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (1984)

Our Facebook friend Jeff Kerestes shared this video with us, with Pino Palladino working his magic on the fretless, way back in 1984.

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  1. JC

    I used to think this was a keybass track until I read BassPlayer Magazine!! I actually know the guy that wrote this song…he’s from my hometown…Earl Randle of MEMPHIS!!! :-) FUNKY!!!

    • Bill

      Ann Peebles !! The original is pure pocket. This is a nice tribute, but I love those Hodges Bros. !!

  2. I believe he typically used an octaver for a synthy bass sound. This same sound can also be heard on the work he did with Pete Townshend, specifically the part on ‘Give Blood’.

    • curtis

      what sort of octaver lee ive been wondering for years how that fretless bass sounded like that.

  3. that record has some good bass & good tunes. hear the whole tune (espcially pino tearin’ up the outro) here:

    i wonder if pino actually dressed like that, the director requested it or that was the only pair of pants in wardrobe that would fit him?

    • Mike Y

      Haha, EVERBODY dressed like that in the ’80’s, whether they admit it or not now. :)

  4. Pablo Motyczak

    This bassline and Paul Young’s ‘Every time you go away’ are two of the most creative basslines ever!!! The Great Pino Palladino !!!

  5. What do you mean ignore the hair? That hair rocks!
    In all seriousness, I don’t know of a Pino Palladino bassline that wasn’t, or isn’t, creative and interesting.

  6. Mark

    Wow, what a sound !!

    Thanks for the video.

    Pino’s rules..

  7. Hi,

    This gives me the shivers, I was Pino’s first replacement in the Paul Young touring band and had to nail this and all the other signature bass parts every night.


  8. Rich Haddad

    Pino is known for the Stingray fretless, but can anyone identify what bass he’s playing in this video?

  9. David Fung

    Isn’t it always the case – the bassist and drummer do all the work, the guitarist is just wanking away the entire time, and the singer gets all the camera time? :-) At least these guys got to be in the video – the keyboard player had the main solo and didn’t even get shown!

  10. Neil Bertrand

    Rich, looks like a Vigier.

  11. Great bass. Cheesy set.

  12. Pretty soon, room by room!

  13. The album this is from is great…essentially a Pino solo record that happens to have a singer. We need more of this nowadays, please. :)

  14. Can’t get enough of Pino’s basslines.. who’s this Paul Young chap again???

  15. Too bad it’s a lip-sync performance with the album track… That said, Pino’s octave-doubled Stingray is undeniably the bass on the sessions. Also R.I.P. Paul Young… a fantastic vocalist.

    • Phil

      Did Paul Young JUST die? I see he was born in 1956. Don’t see where he is dead. Unless you mean his career? <— mean spirited comment.

    • Hollis

      The Bass Player magazine article from March of 1992 says Pino used his Pedulla 4-String Fretless for “I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down” for what it’s worth.

  16. Pinos wonderful playing end section missed out video cut short, shame.

  17. Wow. Can’t believe we really dressed like that in the 80s!

  18. Dezziwood

    I bet Pino would look at this these days and roll his eyes and think what sort of crap he had to put up with to make it as a bassist. Typical 80’s video with guitars not even plugged in. He is a great bassist and one of my favorites. For the time, a very creative bass line and it you just had bass, drums and vocals it would all you need to make this song.

  19. Rick B.

    Better version, really live: Go right to 4:35 to watch those crazy long fingers go nuts on the end solo…