Essential Sound Products Announces Victor Wooten and Gerald Veasley Signature MusicCord-PRO Power Cords

Essential Sound Products Victor Wooten and Gerald Veasley Signature MusicCord-PRO Power CordsEssential Sound Products has introduced two new Signature MusicCord-PRO power cords: the Victor Wooten and Gerald Veasley models.

The new cords have colors chosen by the artists, with Wooten’s cord being purple with clear crisscross tracer and Veasley’s being red with black crisscross. Brochures with unique photographs, pictorial discographies, and biographic information are included in each package.

Designed and assembled in the U.S., MusicCord power cords employ a multiple-conductor cordage design that is said to improve transient response and eliminate phase distortions. The cords are also heavily shielded to block RF interference and other outside noise.

The Essential Sound Products Victor Wooten and Gerald Veasley Signature MusicCord-PRO power cords are available in 2 and 3-meter lengths and are priced starting at $199.99. For more info, visit the E.S.P. website.

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  1. Mark Ford

    This is insane! This money is better spent on new strings and music lessons!

  2. Phil Rushworth

    I totally agree with Mark Ford. These kind of products make me raise an eyebrow. I love Victor’s playing, but these kind of products? Anyway, folks should be skeptical and do their research.

    • Billy Millett

      Reminds of the tests done with Monster Cables. Showing that audiophiles couldn’t detect the difference between them and coat hangers with soldered on ends. :) I mean, quality is one thing, but there is also a lot of marketing there.

  3. Michael Case

    I agree with the other comments.

  4. David Fung

    Yup. Craptastic marketing. Worse that audio cables, as the power cord is not even in the signal path. I’m surprised that the endorsees would even risk their reputations on stuff like this – realistically, it’s not like they’re going to sell a lot of these cables as a result so they don’t even stand to make much money other than the endorser fee.

  5. Michael D. Griffin

    To Mark Ford, David Fung, Phil Rushworth & Michael Case –
    I understand your skepticism – there are cable products that don’t stand up to their claims. Please don’t group us all together. I’m the designer of this product and I know it’s based upon sound engineering. Please take a couple minutes to check out our technology page, read the numerous customer comments, listen to the demos, and if you dare – try one. We offer a money-back guarantee. I’m the president and you have my word that if you are not satisfied, you will not be hassled at all to return it. I’m confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  6. Tomer Sagi

    snakes oil at its best…

  7. John Ford

    So the AC power has gone through a cheap breaker and $30 worth of Romex to get to the outlet. A boutique power cable isn’t going to make any difference.

  8. Mark Ford

    @John, my point exactly. Unless you can plug this into the buss bars in the main breaker panel……this 2 or 3 meters of really good cable (and I’m not criticizing the design and quality of the product) can’t add quality to the AC power you are getting on stage. Most musicians are at the end of a common extension cable or common AC Distro box that is fed from a panel 100’s of feet away. My beef is with the sales pitch that this will make everyone sound better for $199 and up.

    • I think it’s cool in theory, helping with phase and ground problems, but there’s no way it will work in practice to be worth the price tag…I find it funny that there are musicians endorsing it…I suppose I should go find a shoe string/lace deal soon….

    • Jeff Gorham – This is more publicity for the endorsers, not a bad thing in itself.

  9. Richard Waller

    @ John and Mark you are making comments about a cord you have not tried! Have you stop by the website and download the samples I made? And believe me I’m not try to convince anyone to by his cord, but you are probably passing judgement based on other company’s cords. I have had the pleasure of checking out cords that cost 5 times more than ESP cords that did nothing so I do understand. So come on guys lets make comments about what you know, not what you assume.

  10. Pure snake oil, smoke and mirrors….
    For heavens sake, even a child can figure out that the whole power train going back to the power station would have to be of a similar quality for a 2-3 metre length to make any difference whatsoever…even if you believed the BS to begin with! The reality is, you’ll plug into a socket at some gig which was probably wired 20-30-40+ years ago with the cheapest mains cabling then available and if you really expect this product to make any difference to the miles of shit cabling that precedes it….then you have more money than sense:)

    • Stop using snake oil, smoke and your mirrors and check out the cable and then comment!!! I knew it was snake oil too! Until I tried this guys cable!

    • Richard Waller – you cite Gerald Veasley as an employer on your Facebook page…that’s hardly an impartial recomemndation.

    • Richard Waller – If you really think I am prepared to spend $199.99 on a power cable then I’m afraid you’ll have to think again. I do run a forum for bass players however that has nearly 800 members. You donate a cable and I’ll ensure it’s sent around to active, gigging members who will then give an honest opinion on how it’s affected their sound? Instead of constantly saying ‘buy it ‘n’ try it’ how about you put your money where your mouth is???

    • Steve Apted – Im not saying you should or should not pay $199.99 on a power cable. I based my comments on your original post, that its snake oil, smoke and mirrors. How bout you stop commenting on products you know nothing about???

    • Richard Waller How much did you pay for yours?

  11. At last, someone’s produced a cost-effective alternative to the Russ Andrews Signature PowerKord. At roughly 50% the retail of the equivalent RA product, these represent huge value for money for those whose pockets are only half as deep as the average Russ Andrews purchaser, or are only half as terminally gullible. I’m also impressed by the distinctive colour coding, as it will ensure I can choose the correct cable to suit my gig and be confident that I will sound more than ever like Vic or Gerald. Thank you ESP!

  12. The technical design page conflates the power supply side (the “bottleneck”) with the audio side (“phase” issues). Not only that, it progressively becomes more and more gibberish. I can only think that the purchasers giving glowing reviews are suffering from post-purchase rationalisation, or that they are fresh from buying some Brilliant Pebbles from

    • I have met the inventor Michael Griffen, very very nice guy. But he is very off in thinking that there is any phase in 110AC coming out of your wall. Let alone any that needs to be “corrected”, which is one of the claims made. Sorry, 110AC is single phase- period. And really, 110AC cannot be “bottlenecked” as it states on the web site. I worded for one of the largest cable manufacturing companies in the world. I asked our EE’s (we also made audio cable BTW) and the information on the website is, well……oh, and yes, I tried them.