Bass Play-Along Week: Fredrik Owman’s Steely Dan “Peg” Bass Play-Along

Check out Fredrik Owman, aka bassowman, a bassist from Sweden who just nails Chuck Rainey’s bass line on Steely Dan’s “Peg”.

We couldn’t help but envy Fredrik’s all-original 1966 Fender Precision either.

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  1. Great job. One of my favorite basslines of all time.

  2. Love it. The funk, the melody, the symmetry. Agree with Payson, BEST BASSLINE OF ALL TIME.

  3. Oh and Fredrik, how about a big smile at the end!

  4. Amazing how much detail there is in this part, and how unlikely some of it is — yet it all swings and supports the song just right. Mr. Rainey is a giant. Nice work copping the part, too!

  5. This is my 2nd favorite bass covers of this tune… My favorite being my own :)

  6. Chuck once showed me how played Peg in the studio. The slur at the 12 to 14th frets was done with Chuck’s right index finger. He made it look way too easy!

  7. GregD

    Very nicely done! And great tone!

  8. Beautiful! Your tone is awesome, I wouldn’t have minded listening to your isolated track!!