Dywane “MonoNeon” Thomas, Jr. Releases Down-to-Earth Art

Dywane “MonoNeon” Thomas, Jr. has released Down-to-Earth-Art, the bassist’s new album featuring his unique blend of soul and avant garde.

The six-track collection includes two that feature what he calls “microtonal-southern soul,” and while some of his music seems out of this world, Down-to-Earth Art is named so for its concept.

“The reason this album is called Down-to-Earth Art is because it is inspired by putting colours in ordinary, commonplace environments,” MonoNeon explains. “[It is] also inspired by Conceptual art and Fluxus art.”

To get a deeper look at MonoNeon, check out his New School feature.

Down-to-Earth Art Track List:

  1. Microbobbyrush
  2. Down-to-Earth Art 1
  3. Indo-Mononeon
  4. Bass and Kitchen
  5. Down-to-Earth Art 2
  6. Microtyronedavis

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