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Vox Introduces Bass amPhones

Vox Bass amPhonesVox is rounding out their new bass-related gear for the fall with the Vox amPhones Bass Headphones.

Made by Audio-Technica, the new Bass amPhones have a built-in bass amplifier modeled after their AC100 bass amp, allowing you to plug directly into your bass. The circuitry also includes a built-in adjustable compressor for tweaking your sound and the Bassilator circuit, which simulates the resonance of a speaker cab.

An aux input is included for jamming along with your CD or MP3 player, and they work as conventional headphones, too. The Vox Bass amPhones will be available mid-fall with a street price of $99.99.

For more info, check out the Vox website.

Vox Bass amPhones Details:

  • Type: Closed-air dynamic headphones
  • Driver diameter: 40 mm
  • Output sound pressure level: 97 dB
  • Playback frequency range: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
  • Maximum input: 1,000 mV
  • Impedance: 49 Ω
  • Cable length: 1.3 m
  • Output: 1.4 V (Maximum)
  • Controls: Dials (Gain, Tone, Volume, Effect), Switch (Standby)
  • Bass Input
  • AUX Input
  • Power supply: AAA battery x 2
  • Battery life: approximately: 8 hours (Manganese) / 20 hours (Alkaline)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 195x 160 x 50 mm / 7.68˝ x 6.30˝ x 1.97˝
  • Weight: 230 g / 8.11 oz. (Not Batteries included)
  • Included items: AAA battery x 2, a plug adapter “3.5mm 6.3 mm”

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    Get a battery powered amp like the DTA-1 from Dayton and a Dayton Puck tactile transducer. Split the signal from your AmPlug with a splitter cable (preferably with a volume control for each channel) to the headphones and the battery amp. Put the Puck on your chest. It will feel like having a huge amp, but be totally silent :)