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Steve Metcalf: All-Bass cover of the Chili Peppers’ “Don’t Forget Me”

Steve Metcalf has just shared the latest in his epic collection of all-bass covers. And this one came by request.

“Someone suggested I cover ‘Don’t Forget Me’ in another RHCP video. Well, I did it,” he said. “The timelapse photography shots are vantage points from my room in downtown LA. I love this city.”

This isn’t the first time Steve has covered the Chili Peppers. Check out the first video we ever featured of him, performing “Can’t Stop“.

As with many of his videos, Steve has posted the high quality audio track of this performance for download.

For the geeks out there, Steve shares a bit about how he puts together these videos: “I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to edit video. I used Lightroom 4 to edit the timelapse and then exported to Premire Pro into the timeline…” Not sure anyone does it quite like Steve.

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