Ampeg Introduces PF-800 Bass Amp

Ampeg PF-800 Bass Amp

Ampeg has expanded their Portaflex Series with the PF-800. At 800-watts the bass head is the strongest in the line while only weighing 11.8 pounds. Similar to the rest of the line, its compact design allows it to be stowed inside the Portaflex PF flip-top cabinets.

Features on the new amp include classic hi/lo boosts, a 3-band EQ with a 5-position midrange control, and an onboard compressor. The amp is also well equipped for connectivity with a balanced direct out with pre and post EQ, an FX loop with a dedicated mix control, a 1/8? headphone out, and a 1/8? line input.

Ampeg says the PF-800 will be shipping as early as February with a street price of around $599. For more, check out the Ampeg website.

Ampeg PF-800 Bass Amp Specs:

  • RMS power output: 800W @ 4 ohms
  • Preamp: MOSFET
  • Power amp: Class D
  • Tone Controls: Bass, Mid, Treble
  • Mid-Tone Control: 5-Position
  • Ultra Hi/Lo Boosts
  • Onboard Compressor
  • Balanced Direct Out
  • Pre/post EQ option
  • -40 dB pad
  • Ground Lift
  • Fx Loop With Dedicated Mix Control (Foot Switchable)
  • Power Amp in/Preamp Out
  • 1/8? Headphone out / Line In
  • -15 dB Input Pad
  • Mute (Foot Switchable)
  • Power Supply: Switching
  • Dimensions ( H x W x D inches): 3 x 15 x 11
  • Handling Weight: 11.8 lbs / 5.35 kg

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  1. Now they need to add a Portaflex 18″ or the old 2*10″/2*15″ cab.

  2. yeah and 2×12 and 4×12.

  3. i smell a portaflex in my future…..and i do believe i’d like to pair this to an svt cab…..yup