Fabienne Gilbert: “Come On Come Over” Bass Play-Along

We don’t feature a ton of bass play-alongs here, but when Francis Allen shared this one, it was too darn funky to ignore.

Here’s Fabienne Gilbert laying it down on Jaco Pastorius’ fun and funky tune, “Come On Come Over”.

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  1. Definitely worth featuring good call

  2. All those girls with Stingrays, Marta, Emeline, and now Fabienne… :D

  3. This girl is bad a##. I love her twist on a few of the bars. I say, Good job!

  4. God hates her bass, Jaco only had four strings…………I keed I keed. girl got sexy skills.

    • i bet to differ. if we’re bringing god into this i believe he wants us to grow and expand our horizons. so i say: behold the low B!!! i play 5 stringers exclusively with my hardcore punk outfit and i wouldn’t change a thing. also, myself i don’t really care how you get the sound to my ears, 4, 5, 6 strings or some extended range monstrosity, as long as it sounds good and she did just that. cheers.

    • I will leave the whole apple in the tree thing alone

  5. Really nice one! You’re awesome

  6. Excellent sound, execution, etc. All-around awesome.

  7. stumbling across this video made me get out my bass and learn this song I’d forgotten about. that’s the highest compliment I can give!

  8. Your sound is sooooooooooo nice. 10/10