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Bass of the Week: Artisan Bass Works Classic Series

Artisan Bass Works looks at things from a different angle. The Ohio-based company licenses ANSIR Technology, which is a patented neck design that puts the fretboard into a more natural playing position. ABW puts the design to use on their Classic Series to add their own touch to common bass styles.

Artisan Bass Works Classic Bass - Metallic

The Artisan Bass Works Classic basses are available in fretted or fretless versions and several pickup configurations: J/J, P/J, Reverse P/J, and J/MM. They are built with solid alder bodies, maple necks, and a choice of maple or rosewood for the fretboard. Hardware includes a Hipshot bridge, Hipshot tuners, and a Graph Tech TUSQ nut.

The basses come in four finish options: Natural, Black dye, Nova blue metallic, or Tri-Color Traditional Burst.

For more info, check out the Artisan Bass Works website.

Artisan Bass Works Classic Series Photo Gallery:

Artisan Bass Works Classic Series Specs:

  • Industry Standard Playing Angle Neck
  • Fretless or 21 Fret Configuration
  • 4 or 5 String Models
  • Right or Left Handed
  • Scale: 34˝ Scale Length
  • Body: Solid Alder
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Choice of maple or rosewood fret board.
  • Pickup configurations: J/J, P/J, Rev P/J, and J/MM.
  • Pickups: Seymour Duncan
  • Bridges: Hipshot
  • Nut: Graph Tech TUSQ
  • Tuners: Hipshot
  • Finish Options: Natural, Black Dye, Nova Blue Metallic, or Tri-Color Traditional Burst.
  • Topcoat: Satin Lacquer
  • Includes SKB Gig Bag

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Over the past 20 years of playing, I have owned numerous very high end bass guitars. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING comes close to the comfortable ergonomics, feel, sound and playability of my Artisan Classic True Tone bass. I can sit/stand and play my Aritsan bass for hours at a time. I have noticed a huge improvement in my playing over the past few weeks that I have owned this bass, it is so much more fluid and natural. I no longer have to concentrate on getting the bass into a comfortable position to play, comfort is built right in. All I have to do is play and let myself go. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. I would put my Artisan up against Fender’s custom shop offerings any day! The neck on my Artisan is arrow straight, rock solid yet buttery smooth and feels like it was custom tailored for my hands. To top it off, Artisan Bass Works’ customer service is the best I have ever experienced. They went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied in my purchase. All the big name cookie cutter manufacturers can learn a thing or ten from Artisan. These guys are passionate about their art.

I have quite the collection of bass guitars at the moment, and they are all going up for sale. They simply feel awkward and cumbersome in comparison to my Artisan. My Artisan will stay with me for life. My current fleet of basses that no longer see the light of day include: Status Graphite S3, Rick Turner Renaissance, Lado Medallion, Spector Euro, Fender Stu Hamm Urge II, Warwick Streamer Standard, Warwick Thumb Standard, Fender American Deluxe Jazz, Fender Elite II P-Bass, Fender American Jazz Bass Plus, Kubicki Factor, US Masters EP4, US Masters Magnus, Fernandes Gravity Deluxe, Ibanez Prestige.

I am sold on Artisan basses, and already looking at buying a few more instruments from them. Do yourselves a favor and try out these impeccable instruments. You will know exactly what I mean.