Jonathan Scales Fourchestra: TNFJ

Our friend Charmaine Kirsch sent in this video, and I was hooked. As if the idea of a steel drums trio isn’t awesome enough, bassist Cody Wright lays down some extremely righteous bass.

He kicks things off with a funky riff and the hits keep rolling. Besides a groove that won’t quit, Wright lays it all out in his solo at the 1:40 mark.

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  1. Great! The drummer is fantastic :) not even commenting the bass player :D

  2. man, this is a trip! love that ken smith bass. what a groove! those drums are wild, and very unique. really cool!

  3. Love it! This is a great sound guys :)

  4. Literally can’t get enough of this! That groove is sick! Love these guys.

  5. Hadn’t seen this before, it’s pure awesomeness…..!!!

  6. Nice solo. Thought the steel drum was doubling him there for a min, but I think it was an octave pedal.

  7. Jerry Bone

    So nice… Unique ! Soulful and refreshing

  8. Joe

    That, Gentlemen, was just plain badass. Well done.