MonoNeon and Kriswontwo Release “WEON”

MonoNeon and Kriswontwo: WEONMonoNeon has teamed up with producer Kriswontwo to release WEON, an instrumental album that draws on experimental hip hop, avant garde, and funk to create an inspired collection of new music. The duo worked over the internet by sending tracks back and forth to each other until they were finished. Each of the songs, which were composed by the two artists, were inspired by the paintings of Mark Rothko.

“On this EP I really wanted to capture my love for Mark Rothko’s color field paintings, Joseph Kosuth conceptual art stuff, etc.” MonoNeon shared. “Kriswontwo was the only guy I knew that could help me create a sound that would be similar to a Rothko painting or a neon light installation.”

WEON Track List:

  1. Weon
  2. Many Neons Ago
  3. Neon Colorfield
  4. Nigga Vanguard
  5. Orange Mound Visionary
  6. Ananse
  7. Neonwon

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  1. Damn, this is actually really good.