Spare Parts: Quarter Pulse

Our friend Steven Smith sent this in to us, saying “I just discovered a new band – new to me, that is – Spare Parts. Great 70s groove! The bassist is Colin Scott, [and he’s] layin’ it down on the Fender Jazz. Sweet!”

Sweet indeed. Love that old school sound.

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  1. yeah, man! these guys are layin’ it down! check out colin’s funky solo at the 5:24 mark. punchy!

  2. what synth is that?

  3. That is some serious old school soul fusion!

  4. This kind of reminds me of Oh Yeah by Jan Hammer. Especially that bass tone.

  5. Thanks for listening and the kind words guys – the synth is the moog little phatty played by Kevin Kozol.

  6. What effect is the bass using? Sounds killer!!!!

  7. Amazing…….brings back memories and that bass tone is yummy : )