Snow Owl: Bun?uelitos

Sometime last year, Damian Erskine clued me into a smoking new bassist and I was hooked. Snow Owl, aka Juan Garcia-Herreros, has such stunning rhythmic and melodic capabilities that he makes the most complex lines seem simple.

Here he plays an original duo compositon called “Bun?uelitos” with violinist Alejandra Maria. Beyond the musical prowess, it’s great to see the amount of joy the two musicians get out of playing together.

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  1. That is one heck of a good reinterpretation of Colombian typical music. Guys like this make me feel proud of being Colombian, and as usual, I bet he’s gotten more recognition overseas.

    On a different note, listening to this made me feel nostalgic (I don’t live in Colombia anymore), so that’s two in a row today, our national anthem on the tv before a world cup match, and now this wonderful piece of music. Makes me wonder if I should go back to my country, perhaps?. It also has me wanting to keep my six string bass and play it like crazy, so I can at least perform half as good as Juan does.

  2. Snow Owl is not only an amazing bassist, he’s one of the most humble and wonderful people you’ll ever meet. And, yes, Daniel, he’s much better known overseas. He’s based out of Austria now, and is a musical ambassador for the country. When not touring he holds the bass chair at Graz University. I am truly honored to be his friend. Keep Thumpin’! ~ Lane on Bass