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Reader Spotlight: Daniel Boland

Daniel Boland

Meet Daniel Boland. Daniel learned to play eight different instruments before realizing bass was his calling.

His story is a touching one – and one we found easy to select as this week’s reader spotlight.


It was roughly 14 years ago that my mother got diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Being just a kid, life changed BIG time. My father had to quit work to care for her, we had to cut back on many basics that most families would have at there disposable. No holidays, no meals out, no weekends, the stress caused my dad to eventually have a heart attack, my mother at that stage on life support.

The next 10 or so years would be spent isolated in my room.

There was a guitar sitting in the corner of that room. I used it to vent anger at first, then to control my emotions, then as my ‘escape’ from my life. I saved every cent I had and got a piano, then drums, then banjo, and after learning eight instruments I finally decided bass was my calling, cause unlike the other instruments where i had to learn things, with bass I just knew things.

It was just right.


Clane, Kildare, Ireland

Day gig:

Gigging and Studio Recording.

Years experience:

3 years as of last July!

Bands & Gigs:

I was in a band that revolved around lead bass called Slap! but went on hiatus due to Irelands small music scene.
Then last year I joined a popular Irish rock band called Elevation Falls, recorded an album, and a music video with Philomena Lynott (the mother of the late Thin Lizzy bassist Phil Lynott) after gigging Ireland and the UK i called it a day to focus on my own music.

Now I’m making music solo as ThatRainbowDude!


  • Warwick Streamer Custom Painted.
  • Cort Artisan B4 Custom Painted.
  • Hartke LH 500 and Warwick Cab.
  • Zoom b2.1u.

Why I play the bass:

When I picked up and played the guitar I could mould my expressions like clay.

When I picked up and played the bass, i could mould my expressions like Play-Doh.

Although both could accurately and musically get across my personality, the latter was more colourful and fun ..and when passions become fun, ’nuff said!

My bass superpower/claim to fame

Super Rainbow Funkalicious Speed Slapping!

And ideally to help show people to turn to music in dark times, by my own example.

My influences

TM Stevens, Victor Wooten, Flea and Chad, James Brown, Anthony Wellington, Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, KC and the Sunshine Band, Slynk, Grandmaster Flash, Prince, the 90’s, 80’s and 70’s and life positives like laughter and dancing.

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