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Alter Ego Tunable Tailpiece for Double Bass

Italian string instrument maker Alter Ego has introduced a tunable tailpiece for the double bass. Rather than tuning the strings themselves, the tailpiece allows for tuning the afterlength portion of each string.

Alter Ego Tunable Tailpiece Closeup

“There are many valid theories on how to tune the afterlength portion of the strings, but we believe there is no ideal formula as many factors may come into play: inherent features of the instrument, sound post set up, strings, bridge, etc.” the company writes. “With this tailpiece it is possible to easily verify all these theories. It is possible to find the best tonal setup for each instrument, whether that is achieved by trial and error, with a ruler, or a bow.”

Each string attaches to a stainless steel clasp that constitutes a node in the vibration. The clasp can then be adjusted via fine tuners to determine the afterlength’s tuning. It’s available now with a direct price of $234.

Alter Ego Tunable Tailpiece

For more information:
Alter Ego

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that bass guy

that bass guy

I wonder what the value of this is. I know the portion of the string behind the bridge vibrates, but I wonder if just muting them altogether wouldn’t yield the same benefit, and would be cheaper than jumping through hoops trying to get the ideal setup. I also wonder how the setup would be affected if you have a low C extension. I have one on my bass and often I’ll have it open just for the resonance.

    that bass guy (again)

    that bass guy (again)

    One other thing about this is that I can’t see bassists tossing a vintage tailpiece for this thing no matter how good it sounds. Yeah, yeah, I have a low-C extension and an adjustable angle tailpiece on my “vintage” bass, but it still looks like the antique that it is. Style-wise this thing is like pink shag seat covers on a Jag…

Adam Crane

Sympathetic vibrations help the overall projection of sound and tone. Intentionally use a short tail piece on my viola and it makes a huge difference! Got octaves and fifths on the other side of the bridge and rings great!



That sounds like a pain to tune , to have to bend all the way down or to have some one else hold it for you