Marcus Miller: “Afrodeezia” Interview & Performance Session

Dunlop hosted Marcus Miller for a discussion and live performance of his new album, Afrodeezia. The session includes interviews with performances of “Hylife,” “B’s River” and “Son Of Macbeth” in between.

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  1. I love his mission, his politics, his CHOPS, his tone; WOW!!! Shame about the elevator-music.. sounds like every album he ever made; dull. Like so many fantastic musicians, he’s best on other people’s albums. If he really wants to help those African musicians, cut them some deals in the US and let us hear the real deal, not this watered down stuff!

  2. dochoc

    Hot dang that was good ,,,I often wonder if I will ever accelerate playing bass like I should be playing by now . I cant figure out what link I’m missing. Some days I play well other days I cant put things together.

  3. Groovy as ever… nice to taste some african flavors in his gumbo.

  4. I really love Marcus Miller’s whole thing. I was turned on to his music when Miles Davis’s Amandala came out, I think it was ’89 or ’90. His bass playing knocked my socks off and has remained very consistent through the years, and I still dig it.

  5. Marcus is a true original and one of my top influences! Great playing! Great band! Great compositions! Great conviction to the cause. Thanks Marcus and happy birthday!