Wayne Shorter & Esperanza Spalding Duet

Tavis Smiley hosted Wayne Shorter and Esperanza Spalding on his PBS show. Described as a “3 camera 1 take no editing experience,” here is their performance.

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  1. Mike Matthews

    She’s a great bassist/musician. I’ll have to ‘snake’ on a couple of those runs for the next time I’m jam’n that tune. Good Stuff!!!

  2. Doc.Hoc.

    Mike do these double basses sound out from the body only, is there any type of amplification other than the body of the bass, the neck seems so shirt.
    Is the neck covered with rubber, I’ve never seen a double bass, living in the marshlands of Houston – Galveston area, we had 12 inches of rain in 6 hours yesterday, 650 cars under water.

    • Mike Matthews

      Think of it like a big ass acoustic bass guitar… which can be amplified, and they’re made from select types of wood. Go to NT’s gear tab and type in upright bass. As well, read NT’s article on Miles Mosley (who is a bad ass) and then youtube some of Miles’ performance videos. Some of which can be found on this site.So all and all your questions can be answered on NoTreble.com Am I getting paid for this? -giggitty

  3. Brad Smith

    As usual, Esperanza overplays and makes this lovely song into a jumble.