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Adam Nitti: Not Of This World

Adam Nitti sent me this incredible video of him playing on the title track from his latest album, Not Of This World.

“Not of this world” is as good a description as any for this. Be sure to check out the solo!

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

My jaw dropped and my dentures feel out – ABWAHHAHAHA My sweet Lord, the Nit is the ‘bleep!’ Just incredible playing!!!

Trey Smith

man I don’t know how he plays that tight without headphones…I find that all that air between me and the speakers makes it hard to get right on it.



Well I don’t have what this guy has , geez , excellent .

David Hedden

David Hedden


Aaron Chesler

Great!!!!!!!!! Words cannot describe his playing. Ok, who is the guitar player? Almost sounds like Steve Vai.