Maceo Parker: Shake Everything You’ve Got

In 1993, Maceo Parker and his band took the stage at The Fabrik in Hamburg, Germany. That performance ended up being filmed and later released as My First Name Is Maceo.

During that performance, the group played “Shake Everything You’ve Got”, and the bass playing of Jerome Preston made the song live up to its name.

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  1. man! that’s some funky, tight bass. in the pocket. and who’s that on maceo’s right? can you shout “fred!!!”

  2. Mike Matthews

    Mr. Preston is just so solid and funky.that really just equals GROOVE – Good Stuff!!!..

  3. arttu

    Jerome “Jerry” Preston… has a funkier man ever lived?

    Also, am i just imagining or did that drum solo sound a little heavy metal?

  4. Doc.Hoc.

    Most excellent , Jerome should have done a solo after the drummer, his sound is perfect.