Travis Larson Band with Jennifer Young: Georgia On My Mind

The Travis Larson Band recently released a new DVD called Shift Happens LIVE in Mexicali, and it’s got some fantastic bass playing on it thanks to Jennifer Young. Here’s a great clip of the power trio laying it down on the classic ballad “Georgia On My Mind.”

Young opens things up with a lush two-handed tapping intro before laying down a thick bass line for Larson to groove over. She then takes her own thoughtful solo at the 2:55 mark to make this one memorable performance.

Thanks to Josh Williams for the tip!

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  1. Sorry, I like her playing very much…but the tune as a whole is loud and empty.
    I don’t mean to disparage the musicians but I couldn’t sit through more than one of these shows if the tunes were arranged like this one….
    Just an opinion, not an indictment

  2. Doc.Hoc.

    I thought this sounded really good, laid back sort of music.
    Jennifer is pretty darn good.

  3. Mike Matthews

    Can’t deny that Jennifer is own’n it… good intro and really cool bass solo too. I DIG !!!