Bass of the Week: Vinciguerra Custom Shop BAJ Signature 6

Vinciguerra Custom Shop BAJ Signature 6

Bass builder Mark Vinciguerra recently posted photos of a recently completed BAJ Signature six-string bass and it stopped me in my tracks. The model, designed with bassist Brent-Anthony Johnson, comes with plenty of options, but this one seems just right.

It features a black limba body topped with a stunning maple burl in a natural finish. The neck is an ultralam lite birch laminate neck, while the black ultralam fingerboard is fitted with oval recon stone inlays. Another beautiful inlay is fitted on the finger ramp, which is situated between a pair of Nordstrand dual blade humbuckers.

For more information, check out the Vinciguerra Custom Shop website.

Vinciguerra Custom Shop BAJ Signature 6 Specs:

Body:Black Limba
Top:Maple Burl
Neck:Ultralam Lite Birch Laminate
Inlays:Oval Recon Stone
Pickups:Nordstrand Dual Blade Humbuckers
Electronics:Nordstrand 3-band EQ
Tuners:Hipshot Ultralite

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  1. Looks like a Premier!

  2. Billy Ed

    looks cheap

  3. kim

    Very cool to see a builder using composite woods for neck and fingerboard, in terms of both functionality and forest resources.

  4. Ron Mack

    A beauty! So true Kim

  5. Jacob

    The Bassist is Brent-Anthony Johnson* (not Jackson)