Abraham Laboriel: Case of the Blues

Every time I watch Abraham Laboriel, it’s like a masterclass in “how it’s done.” His playing exudes musicality that lets his personality shine through, giving us all something to strive toward.

Here’s a great clip of the master improvising a blues along with Hadley Hockensmith on guitar, Bill Maxwell on drums, Greg Mathieson on organ, and Phil Driscoll on trumpet and vocals.

“The extraordinary bass player Abraham Laboriel started off with a little improv slow blues riff, then the rest of the band joined in making it up as they played,” the video’s description reads. “Great musicians making fantastic music on the fly.”

Class is in session.

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  1. Love these guys. The Koinonia rhythm section back in session after 25-odd years. Abe was an inspiration to me back in the day, and the go-to guy on so many great jazz fusion sides. Unusual to see Abe playing a Marcus Jazz but his distinctive bass voice is unmistakable. Great swinging solo at 7:30.

  2. Anaughtybear

    This is great. And yes, it can be hard to be creative while your ‘ol lady is bored off her ass in the background.

  3. craiggephart

    Abe IS bass guitar. with a trademark sound that can’t be mistaken regardless of the bass he’s playing. And this IS an ensemble of MASTERS of the art. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Doc.Hoc.

    You not just a Whistling Dixie with the bored lady part.

  5. John Tinsley

    Master class indeed! What great music and so good for your soul.

  6. I keep returning to this little pearl also. Must have digged it 50 odd times.. It’s sooo good! Phil’s great..they’re all so on the money. Is it really mrs Laboriel in the background? I love it! She sure has that eternal Musician’s Wife Bored To Bitz posture. ;-) Love her!

    By the way, any of you know what kind of film this was part of? There’ s cameramen all over the place and 3 or 4 other clips from this session on tube.. Is there a full ‘movie’ out there somewhere?! ;-)