Victor Bailey Battling Muscular Dystrophy

Victor Bailey

Today we’re asking for your positive energy. Bass legend Victor Bailey has announced that his battle with muscular dystrophy has worsened. While the disease had affected his legs the worst, it has now spread to his upper body.

“To everyone who has been wondering why you haven’t seen or heard from me it’s time for me to let you know what’s going on. Quite simply I am just not in the best of health,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “I have been dealing with a form of muscular dystrophy called Charcot Marie Tooth disease for the last 25 years. You’ve all seen me using a cane as my legs are getting weaker. Now it is affecting my upper body. And my arms and hands are very weak. At this point in time too weak to perform. I need help with all daily living activities so for the past three months I have been living at an assisted living facility in Newton Massachusetts. I have taken a leave of absence from Berklee College of music and from touring. Right now I could use your prayers and positive vibes. I will be keeping you guys updated on my condition. It is possible that I can get stronger again so please send me positive energy.”

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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  1. Bob DeRosa

    Lots of positive energy coming from upstate NY. Get strong, Victor!

  2. Steevo

    Have some good vibrations all the way from Bonnie Scotland mate.

  3. Sending you good vibes, and prayers for your recovery, Victor!

  4. Jim Burns

    Prayers and Best Wishes coming your way Victor! Stay strong!

  5. Wishing you the best!! Thanks for the example you have given to countless bass players. :-)

  6. Mike Matthews

    Prayers for your recovery Mr. Bailey. GOD Bless!

  7. Ian Woff

    The very best of wishes from Australia for a recovery and a return to action.

  8. Vincent Vela

    Prayers and Best Wishes for you and your recovery.

  9. God bless and heal you.

  10. Pat

    Get well soon, Brother Vic. Blessings and good vibes on the way.

  11. Your one of my idles Victor,and I know your going to get stronger, that’s your nature, you have my prayers..

  12. Doc.Hoc.

    You have my prayers Victor , I’ll pluck out a special bass tune in your name and call it Victorious.

  13. Kelvin

    Wishing you a strength Victor, its inside of you! Lets show everyone what you got!!

  14. Blessings for God’s mercy and grace. May your stamina and strength begin to return to your whole body. Your gifts have been and will continue to be an inspiration tor all of us..

  15. BStyle

    Victor, you’re inspiration no matter what state your body is in. Your talent, your music, your playing, your bass tone….it’s ALL strong (Zawinul picked YOU for the bass spot after Jaco – that says it all). You tell your body you have more heads and ears to turn, and more ass to kick. You’re not done!!

  16. Petey

    Hey Victor, I got your back. Be strong my brother. Think positive. We bass players from Philly is behind you 100 percent!?

  17. Joshua Samson

    Be well, wishing you strenght and a full recovery

  18. Wishing you a healthy recovery from Ireland!

  19. You are in my positive thoughts and prayers, Victor.

  20. osama k

    prayers for a full recovery brother Victor
    from Sudan Africa

  21. Jo Smith

    Charcot Marie Tooth is not a Muscular Dystrophy(MD)! It’s a disease of the nerves and when the nerves don’t work, the muscles atrophy. I have it also, please check out it has all the correct info you need to learn about the disease. While you are at the site and you care, please donate! Thank you, a CMTer from Northern Minnesota

  22. solo rodriguez

    we pray to God for your full recovery, so you can keep sharing your talents world-wide. God bless you!!!

  23. Al Webb

    Praying for your hez th to improve and total healing . In JESUS name . Got well brother.

  24. enkosi

    Victor, we wishing you a speedy recovery…. “Quad Element Band” have you in prayers…. Please hold on, never give up. positive energy from Enkosi member and bassist of Quad Element band based in the Kingdom of Swaziland.

  25. Maciej

    Best wishes to you Victor, from Rybnik, Poland when I saw you performing back in the late 1990’s and was absolutely hypnotized. “Low Blow” is in my top 3 bass albums off all time. I will keep sending you positive energy while meditating over and over again. Get well, Vic !!