Consider the Source: God Only Knows

This is the Beach Boys like you’ve never heard them. Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion band Consider the Source sat down with videographer Jody Miller to document their quirky yet infectious rendition of “God Only Knows.”

Bassist John Ferrara handles bass and melody with two-handed tapping while double-neck guitarist Gabriel Marin and drummer Jeff Mann perfectly fill out the arrangement. Be sure to check out the bass solo at 1:55.

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  1. Martyn Baker

    Dreadful. Sorry guys.

  2. Gerad

    Cool cover with a unique spin. I always like these guys. They think outside the box and always inspire.!

  3. Rick

    The camera work makes me sea sick. But a great cover!

  4. Splendidanomaly

    Doesn’t grab me at all.

  5. Anaughtybear

    Kinda neat, but I never really liked The Beach Boys.

  6. Doc.Hoc.

    This worked for me , God only knows what’s been played on that aged guitar , like fine wine it keeps getting better with time.

  7. Mike Matthews

    I dig their approach, and their style. Cool cover.

  8. Raylo

    Nice tribute to Brian Wilson. Many people don’t realize that Brian was a excellent song writer and arranger with the help of the Wreaking Crew (Carol Kaye). Thanks for this rendition of a great song. Blessings!!!