Book on Playing Gives Lefties Their Due

Hal Leonard Left-Handed Bass Tab Method — Book 1A new book aims to help left-handers begin to play bass.

Hal Leonard Left-Handed Bass Tab Method — Book 1 uses famous riffs to instruct beginning lefty players comfortable way. You’ll learn from the music of bands like The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, The Who, and The Police. The book covers everything from parts of the bass and to proper technique. It promises all the guidance needed to get started on the instrument.

Almost 100 riffs and songs are featured and the book includes a CD featuring every demos of example.

The 32-page paperback is available here.

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  1. RAE

    SO, it’s tabs! Who cares? Been playing lefty using tabs for 30+ years! Ex: 3rd fret, 4th string…. doesn’t matter which hand you use to fret the G, the patterns are the same… I don’t see the point, am I missing something?