Cody Wright: Funk Funko Potamus

Cody Wright a real funkmeister, which is why it’s perfect that he’s helping to create the soundtrack to the new Toejam and Earl video game. Here’s a clip of the bassist getting down on the quacky “Funk Funko Potamus”.

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  1. steven smith


  2. When do we get Cody and MonoNeon to hole up for a long weekend and make a record? Boom, splat etc!

  3. MikeyOnBass

    Always good to hear ‘cool’ Cody play’s some bass – I dig !m

  4. Mark S Beretta

    Cody the pick playing funkmeister ,,, sounded good , thanks.

  5. Art Vandelay

    Not a fan of the pick or this cat.
    Most all his grooves sound the same.
    Just play guitar.

    • Well we all have our opinions and preferences… And some of us are actually brave enough to use our real names when posting anything on the web.

      • EggOnBass

        Amen Corey. Whilst not my particular style, I reckon he’s got great groove and technique. (PS I use a pseudonym because I share a name with a famous, much more talented fretless bass player and don’t want him discredited!)