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  • Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in May 2016

    Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in May 2016

    Happy June. Now that May is in the books, it is time to celebrate the top 10 reader favorite bass gear stories for the month. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. And sorry for the GAS. 1. Fodera Imperial Mini-MG Bass Fodera and Matthew Garrison have teamed up once again to introduce the Imperial Mini-MG.... »

  • Jam Session Etiquette

    Jam Session Etiquette

    Q: I have never been to a random, strangers-in-the-night jazz jam as a bass player and a lot of jams tend to have their set bass player (ahem – often the organizer of said jam – ahem). What’s the etiquette if you just want to walk a few tunes with everybody? A: First of all,... »

  • Niodel: 6

    Niodel: 6

    I love musicians that experiment and think outside the box. Here’s a great example of that with a video by Niodel. The duo of bassist Paolo Cipollini and drummer Mattia Bellotti get their sound by mixing in live electronics and “sound expansions” to create eerie and sublime sonic textures. Here’s a clip they simply call... »

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  • Thumbscrew’s Latest Release Benefits From Residency

    Thumbscrew’s Latest Release Benefits From Residency

    Jazz trio Thumbscrew, featuring double bassist Michael Formanek, honed the music for its latest album, Convallaria, at the Pittsburgh residency program City of Asylum. “I’ve done some composition residencies working on my own. But we were all there together, working on music every day, trying things out. I miss that from my younger days,” Formanek... »