Miroslav Vitous Returns to Weather Report’s Music with New Album

Miroslav Vitous: Music of Weather ReportWeather Report founding bassist Miroslav Vitous is revisiting his old band’s work on his latest album, Music of Weather Report.

Czech bassist Vitous assembled a sextet to play the music of the famed fusion band, which he left in 1973. (His replacement was Alfonso Johnson, who was in turn, replaced by Jaco Pastorius). The result is a set shimmering with “sharp responses to unforgettable material,” according to an album review in The Guardian.

Vitous, who is most interested in the improvisational freedom of the band’s earliest iteration, explores a variety of Weather Report tunes, including “Birdland,” “Seventh Arrow,” “Scarlet Woman,” “Pinocchio” and “Morning Lake.” The record also includes a song unrecorded by the original Weather Report lineup “Jugglers Issue.” In addition, three new blues tunes from Vitous rounds out the set.

Music of Weather Report is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Music of Weather Report Track List:

  1. Scarlet Woman Variation 1
  2. Seventh Arrow
  3. Multi Dimension Blues 2
  4. Birdland Variations
  5. Multi Dimension Blues 1
  6. Pinocchio Variations
  7. Acrobat Issues
  8. Scarlet Woman Variation 2
  9. Multi Dimension Blues 3
  10. Morning Lake

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