The Meters: Look-Ka Py Py/Jungle Man, Live 1974

I’ve been on a huge Meters kick lately. All of George Porter, Jr.’s bass lines groove like crazy. They’re simple and to the point, which is perfect.

Here’s a great clip of The Meters live in 1974 on Dr. John’s “New Orleans Swamp.” The group tears into “Look-ka Py Py” before a cool transition into the slower, thicker “Jungle Man”.

Grab your bass, because you’re going to want to jam along with these.

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  1. Rob

    How the hell can that audience just be sitting there stone still? I don’t even see a head bobbing. Did they give them all horse tranquelizers on the way in?

  2. Rob

    How the hell can that audience be sitting there completely still? Did they give them horse tranquelizers on the way in or something?

  3. Terry

    Rob back then the thing was Quaaludes & Mandrax with Valium on the side ,
    I think the crowd was a bit luded , so yes horse tranquilizers is close.
    1974 I was a Junior in high school my friends mom owned a pharmacy.
    O Lord I wish I can relive those days , I would had done things different.
    Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill wine gave me a big headache the next day & thirsty , drank bunch’s of water and got drunk again , YUK.