Dudley Moore & Kenny Rogers: Satin Doll

A video has been making the rounds on Facebook, thanks to Freemont’s Office – and it was quite unexpected.

Dudley Moore and Kenny Rogers performed “Satin Doll” on The Tonight Show (date unknown). What surprised us all was that Rogers was on double bass.

During his solo, Rogers proclaims “I can’t play!”, but he handled it better than we would have predicted.

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  1. Marvin Thomas

    Damn! I didn’t even know Kenny could play, what a great surprise

  2. Paul McCray

    I knew he played bass, with The First Edition…and pretty well, considering he was the vocalist, as well. But, he did pretty well, on the upright!!! Way to represent, Kenny!!!

  3. Rob

    Brilliant. It was taken from Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show Season 24 Episode 176 first broadcast September 22nd 1986. Guest host was Kenny Rogers. Dudley was a guest.

  4. MikeyOnBass

    This is actually pretty cool. .I must say though, after watching ‘drunk Kenny Rogers’ on In Living Color back in the day, I was kind of hoping Kenny would get pissed and break the bass – Ha I know, I know, MY BAD – sorry!

  5. um, u can tell that ain’t his first x kickin’ the dog house. he’s using close to proper technique & his intonation is out only a couple of X’s. know when 2 hold ‘ ’em, know when 2 fold ‘ ’em. good job kr!