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  • Bassbaba Sumon: Cancer Casserole

    Bassbaba Sumon: Cancer Casserole

    Bassbaba Sumon sent us his brand new instrumental music video for the tune “Cancer Casserole”. The tune is on his latest album, Soul Food (Part 1). This one rocks! »

  • Ear Trumpet Labs Introduces Nadine Upright Bass Microphone

    Ear Trumpet Labs Introduces Nadine Upright Bass Microphone

    Double bassists have a new option for amplifying their instrument with the Ear Trumpet Labs Nadine microphone. The medium-large diaphragm condenser mic is specifically designed for upright bass with its low end tuned to give a flat response at the mounting distance. Its cardioid pickup pattern is designed to pick up as much of the... »

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  • Groove ā€“ Episode #23: Rudy Sarzo

    Groove ā€“ Episode #23: Rudy Sarzo

    Iā€™m a child of the eighties. Well, the seventies, too, but I cut my musical taste in the early eighties onwards. One of the most pivotal moments in music for me was the 1983 US Festival. The metal day, in particular. I can troll YouTube and watch videos from that day, and it still sends... »

  • Bravo Victor: Cornflowers Wild

    Bravo Victor: Cornflowers Wild

    Here’s a new bass and vocal duo making their debut. Bassist Jono Burgess shared this video with us of the duo known as Bravo Victor (they say “The B is for Bass and the V is for Voice”). Sophie Aked is the vocalist. We’re big fans of great bass and vocal duos, and we’re looking... »

  • In Memoriam: Bob Cranshaw

    In Memoriam: Bob Cranshaw

    Sad news to report today: bass legend Bob Cranshaw has passed away after battling stage 4 cancer. He was 83. Born in Evanston, Illinois in 1932, Cranshaw picked up the bass in high school. He played in several groups in his youth, eventually starting his more than a 50-year musical relationship with saxophonist Sonny Rollins... »

  • Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in October 2016

    Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in October 2016

    Time to get our fix of some great bass gear stories – specifically the reader favorite gear stories on No Treble. Here are the top 10 most read stories for the month of October, 2016. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing! 1. Fender Offset Mustang Bass PJ Fender has reimagined some of their classic models... »

  • The Pros and Cons of Skype Bass Lessons

    The Pros and Cons of Skype Bass Lessons

    Q: I was thinking that maybe I should start taking Skype lessons so that I can reach out to more teachers than I have around me locally. Do you have any advice? Can you have a good lesson over Skype vs. in person? A: It is certainly possible to have a great lesson over Skype... »

  • House of Waters: 17

    House of Waters: 17

    One of my favorite musical discoveries of 2016 was finding House of Waters. They’re such a unique band. Here’s the trio, with Moto Fukushima on bass, performing the tune “17”, from their self-titled . »

  • Emily Zuzik and Tim Lefebvre Release “Angelenos”

    Emily Zuzik and Tim Lefebvre Release “Angelenos”

    Vocalist Emily Zuzik has teamed up with bassist Tim Lefebvre to release Angelenos. The six-song EP was created by the Los Angeles-based collective as a sort of homage to the city. Zuzik describes it as “the soundtrack for driving at night in Los Angeles.” The EP also features Gary Novak on drums with a host... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Rob Pizapio

    Reader Spotlight: Rob Pizapio

    Meet Rob Pizapio, a man who has had a life-long love for the low end. Rob can be found in and around northern New Jersey with his band, who literally light up the stage. Rob is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight. Here’s his story… Bio: I started playing bass at a young... »