Bass of the Week: Skervesen Guitars Bronto 37-5

Skervesen Guitars Bronto 37-5 Bass Body

This week we’re checking out the Skervesen Guitars Bronto 37-5. The five-string bass’s design includes neck-through construction, a multi-scale neck, plus a chambered body developed specifically for the bass.

Skervesen adds “37-5” to the Bronto name to indicate it’s scale lengths, which run from 37 inches for the B string to 35 inches for the G string. It’s built with a host of woods with basic body woods of mahogany or swamp ash. The neck is typically a five-piece laminate of maple and wenge, while the fretboard is pau ferro or natural maple. Plenty of upgrades are available for each of these aspects.

Other standard features include Nordstrand Big Splits pickups and the 3B-5A preamp. Check out this demo clip of the Bronto 37-5 in low A tuning:

Skervesen Guitars Bronto 37-5 Bass Specs:

Body:Chambered Swamp Ash or Mahogany
Top:Choice of Woods
Fingerboard:Pau Ferro or Maple
Pickups:Nordstrand Big Singles
Electronics:Nordstrand 3B-5A

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