AC Guitars Announces the SLG Bass

AC Guitars SLG 4-String Bass

AC Guitars has introduced the SLG bass, which is described as a more traditional style to expand their Retro Series. It comes in a 30.5-inch scale four-string and a 32-inch scale five-string. Each is built with a white limba body, figured maple top, and acrylic impregnated maple fingerboard. The three-piece maple neck is reinforced with carbon.

“Having sorted out the body shape the next task was to develop a new pickup to put into what is mainly a single-pickup bass,” luthier Alan Cringean tells us. “Working in conjunction with Aaron Armstrong, we reworked a pickup which was originally developed along with Abigail Zachko in the guitar version. This is what I call a Hybrid Humbucker. It is essentially two single-coils: the neck coil is wound using my SB70 (a 70s based Alnico pickup) and the bridge coil is my SB (a ceramic-based modern single-coil). The two coils are hooked up to a 3-way mini switch which gives you each coil separately and both combined. So vintage single-coil, modern single-coil, and a combined humbucker. The bass comes as passive or with a new East 2 band EQ with active/passive.”

Hear both the four-string and the five-string in action with these demos by Colin Cunningham of Cocosbassment:

The AC Guitars SLG Bass is available now with prices starting from $1,750.

AC Guitars SLG Bass Specs:

Scale:30.5″ for 4-string, 32″ for 5-string
Body:White Limba
Top:Figured Maple
Neck:Carbon reinforced 3-piece Maple
Fingerboard:Acrylic Impregnated Maple
Truss Rod:Dual Action Truss Rod
Pickups:ACG BZ1 Hybrid Humbucker
Electronics:Passive or 2East 2 Band EQ with active/passive.
Bridge:Hipshot Type B Bridge
String Tree:Hipshot
Finish:Satin Lacquer Finish With Various Color Options

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  1. Sweet axe. As for the demo, anyone who says you can’t be funky with a pick has no idea what they’re talking about.