Rich Brown: The Fundamentals of Time & The Metronome

I’ve been a big fan of Rich Brown for quite a while now. When a man of his talents decides to share knowledge, I pay attention.

Lucky for us, Rich has released the first video in what hopefully will become a regular thing, focused on time fundamentals.

At first, I thought this might be super easy. But I realized two things: first, it isn’t, and second, this is one of the things that made Rich such a solid player.


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  1. David Guettler

    freakishly awesome! Probably most musicians can improve in this area- I know I can.

  2. Great exercise explained in a very clear and wise way. This guy is not only a great player, but a serious educator. Thanks for sharing.

  3. MikeyM.

    Good stuff! I was laggin’ a bit on the ‘e’; but when I went to the ‘a’ it was an inconsistent wreck LoL My brain just kept going to the down beat. Uhg… Nice reminder on the importance of practicing your ‘bass-ics’ . Look forward to viewing more of these lessons in the near future. Thanks!

  4. Jeff Maccora

    Great beginning exercises, can’t wait to see what Rich posts next. Most people skip the fundamental bass-ics of good rhythm.