Fleetwood Mac: Over My Head (Live)

If it wasn’t for Fleetwood Mac, No Treble may have never existed. When I was a young kid, we spun a lot of Fleetwood Mac on vinyl. I remember being drawn to the bass, thanks to John McVie’s excellent lines. Shortly after, I picked up the double bass (and later, the bass guitar). It has been a lifetime of love for the low end.

Here’s a fantastic video from the era, with the band performing “Over My Head”.

Thanks, John, for showing me the way! I’m still spinning those records too!

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  1. John Bradford

    Love me some Christine Mcvie, I thought she had the better voice

  2. Annette Faircloth

    I wish Nick’s and Buckingham could get back together with Fleetwood Mac. I love this group. It will never be the same without Lindsey Buckingham in the group with everyone.