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Matt La Maida

Mattia La MaidaMattia La Maida is an Italian bass player. He is a teacher and session musician who played both in studio and live with many Italian artists. He started studying music and playing the electric bass guitar at the age of twelve. Soon Mattia fell in love with Jaco Pastorius and his music. Jaco introduced Mat to jazz, funk and blues. These genres presently characterize Mat’s playing style and musical tastes.

In 2011 Mat graduated from the Percentomusica under the guidance Massimo Moriconi (Mina, Chet Baker, Fabio Concato and many others) and currently works as a teacher both privately and for two italian music schools.

Mat has been playing the bass guitar for six years with Remida, an Italian pop-rock band; with them he recorded three albums. The fourth album is currently work in progress. Remida did more than 250 gigs in the past and today they keep playing in different kind of venues across Italy.

Learn more about Mat on his website.

Articles by Matt La Maida: