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Articles by Evan Kepner - Page 34

  • Krist Novoselic withdraws candidacy

    Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has withdrawn his candidacy for county clerk in the state of Washington. Novoselic had started the campaign a month ago as a protest. He was protesting the state’s system of allowing candidates to choose their own party affiliations. He was running under the “Grange Party” banner (a non-existent political party).... »

  • Hot Tuna’s Jamaica Celebration

    Hot Tuna recently announced that they will be playing in Jamaica this December to celebrate the 50 year old friendship between the band’s two founding members, bassist Jack Casady and guitarist Jorma Kaukonen. The band will be offering an all-inclusive package for the Jamaican get-away from December 10-14 which includes accommodation at Lido Negril resort... »

  • Super 400: Sweet Fist

    Super 400 is working on their latest soon to be released album, Sweet Fist, and No Treble got a sneak preview of the rock monster’s work. The record was recorded on tape at legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN, and adds another gem to their discography. In their words the album “stands for power and... »

  • SongKick: Never miss a concert

    How often do you find yourself jumping from site to site for you favorite bands, trying to find out when they are on tour? SongKick makes it easy! It is a social-concert site dedicated to concert recommendations. You can import your Last.FM top 50 to track, post pictures from concerts you’ve attended, track specific bands,... »

  • Metronome Madness

    Metronome Madness

    One of the biggest creeds for bassists is “thou shalt worship thy metronome” (it comes right after “thou shalt be the sexiest member in the band”), and with good reason. Sexiness aside, we are the foundation, both harmonically and metrically, for the rest of the band. We’re the pulse. These exercises will help you get... »

  • Player Watch: Reed Mathis

    All About Jazz has posted a feature piece on bassist Reed Mathis. Mathis is the bassist for Tea Leaf Green, who recently wrapped up the Got No Friends Tour. He’s someone bassists should keep an eye for his unique playing style. You can check out some of Mathis’s music with the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey... »

  • An Interview with Julie Slick

    An Interview with Julie Slick

    Days before hitting the road on tour with the Adrian Belew Trio, bassist Julie Slick was able to take the time to give us some insight into how she handles playing with a powerhouse like Belew. A graduate from the Paul Green School of Rock (yes, it existed before the movie), Julie is pretty busy... »

  • Hadrien Feraud at Findamorale Festival

    On June 5th and 6th (Friday and Saturday), Hadrien Feraud will be appearing with his band from Paris at the “FINDAMORALE” festival at Charlie Wright’s in Pitfield Street Shoreditch, London. His band includes: Michel Le Coq (keyboard) , Jim Grancamp (guitar), and Yoann Schmidt (drums). If you have not seen Hadrien before you are missing... »

  • Jaco Pastorius Commemorative Stamp petition

    Jaco Pastorius, the “World’s Greatest Bass Player,” is being honored by another grass-roots effort to continue the preservation of his memory, influence and music, in the form of a Jaco Pastorius commemorative stamp. The online petition can be found here for showing your support and approval. Be sure to check out the grass-roots Oakland Park... »

  • Trey Wright Trio: Thinking out Loud

    The Trey Wright Trio has produced a killer jazz album with their new CD Thinking out Loud. The album released on Blue Canoe Records. The trio includes Trey Wright on guitar, Marc Miller on the upright bass (Mace Hibbard Quintet, Jacksonville State faculty member), and Marlon Patton on drums (Heavy Mojo, Grogus). The album features... »