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Articles by Phil Wain - Page 4

  • A review of “Palabras Malas” by Many Arms

    Wild, loud and at times verging on chaos, this is not music for everyone; but I loved this record. No one else sounds like Many Arms, who follow their own path and clearly make this music because they love it – it is certainly not designed for radio formats. The band names the Mahavishnu Orchestra,... »

  • A review of Vijay Iyer Trio’s “Historicity”

    Historicity is an exciting and unique record. The album takes jazz music forward and is destined to be one of the classic piano trio albums, and is firmly within the stream of jazz but innovative and freewheeling as all the best jazz is. Despite its unusual approach it’s a hugely accessible record: vital, rhythmic and... »

  • A review of Wayne Krantz – Krantz Carlock Lefebvre 2009

    Krantz Carlock Lefebvre is the first studio document of a trio that has been performing together since 1997, although Wayne Krantz regularly releases live recordings from his website. It’s also Krantz’s first studio album under his own name for fifteen years. Krantz is a phenomenal guitarist, and this is a record that guitarists will reference... »

  • A Review of the Linda Oh Trio’s “Entry”

    Wow! This CD certainly defied my expectations. A young musician not long out of music college releases a debut record and you might expect something designed to impress with a few standards, a touch of flash, derivative playing, maybe a guest star appearance and a disparate set of styles and moods. This record is nothing... »

  • A Review of Rudder’s “Matorning”

    Matorning should carry a warning sticker, something like “Listening to this record while in public may make you look like a complete lunatic”. The grooves are that infectious. This is a jazz record in the widest and best sense, and it features an improvisational groove music that swings like crazy. But it features few solos... »